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Academie voor Hoger Kunst- en Cultuuronderwijs (AHKCO) / Academy for Arts and Cultural Education (AHKCO) – Visual Arts Department

The AHKCO is the only Surinamese institute that provides undergraduate programs (Bachelor of Arts) in the fields of Visual Arts, Journalism and 'Social work'. Besides the universal values of academic freedom and independence our core values are: expertise, integrity, practice-oriented and creativity. Our slogan is: “We make a difference”.
After the first year (freshman) the student can choose one of these specializations: Fine Arts (painting/drawing) or Graphic Design . 

Waterkant 14 
Paramaribo, Suriname 
South - America 
Phone.: +597 477 749 / 479 517 Fax: +597 410 366 


Instituut voor de Opleiding van Leraren (IOL) / Advanced Teachers Training Institute (IOL) –Art Education Department

Mission: the IOL prepares students to become competent, inspiring and innovative teachers and provides continuing vocational training (CVT) through challenging education for the benefit of society.

To prepare yourself for today's professional practice, you learn to work with different materials (including textiles) and techniques (2D and 3D) during your training. As an art teacher, you should be able to teach visual arts and visual cultural traditions. Therefore, it is necessary to keep yourself up-to-date of the latest developments in visual arts and culture of Suriname and the world. 

AdeKUS University-complex 
Leysweg 5 
Paramaribo, Suriname 
South - America 
Phone: +597 530 637 / 437 805 / 437 788 

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Nola Hatterman Art Academy (NHAA)

The Nola Hatterman Art Academy (NHAA) offers a four year art education, either during daytime or in the evening hours. Previous education is not taken into account; talent is decisive. Minimum age for admittance is 17 years. Other activities of the NHAA include the Nola Hatterman Youth Academy, for young talented people between six and 16 years old. The Youth Academy students will be coached so that they can make the connection to the four year art education at a later stage.

Abraham Crijnssenweg 6 
Fort Zeelandia Complex 
Paramaribo, Suriname 
South - America 
Phone: +597 475 714 

Soeki Irodikromo Volksacademie voor Kunst & Cultuur / Soeki Irodikromo Public Academy for Art & Culture

The Volksacademie is an easy accessible art institute for both young and old people, with or without experience and/or training. Students can work on improving their handicraft skills, art and craft, ceramics, drawing and painting, making wayang puppets and textile arts like batik. In the future other techniques will be added to the curriculum.

Sana Budaya (VHJI) 
Jozef Israëlstraat 82 
Suriname, South - America 
Phone: Soeki Irodikromo +597 551 213 
Sharon Pawiro +597 (0)722 8263 
Diana Vakkers + 597 (0)850 4672 
Sri Irodikromo +597 (0)854 0866 
E-mail: / 

“Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.”

- Leonardo da Vinci -