• Anand Binda
  • Soeki Irodikromo
  • Ravi Rajcoomar
  • Roddney Tjon Poen Gie
  • Sirano Zalman
  • Nola Hatterman
  • Erwin de Vries
  • George Struikelblok
  • Kurt Nahar
  • Ron Flu
  • Rinaldo Klas
  • Glenn Fung Loy
  • Henna Brunings
  • René Tosari
  • Dorette Kuster-Oehlers
  • Sharda Devi Harkhoe
  • Kim Sontosoemarto
  • Stuart Robles de Medina
  • August Bohe
  • Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi
  • Johan Doelradjak
  • Ardie Setropawiro
  • Jules Chin A Foeng
  • Reinier Asmoredjo
  • Wilgo Vijfhoven
  • Thea Valk
  • Daniel Djojoatmo
  • Sabina Ensberg-Steinhoff
  • Sri Irodikromo
  • Jules Brand-Flu
  • Albert Roessingh
  • Suhada Kasto
  • Egbert Lieveld
  • Jozef Klas
  • Dhiradj Ramsamoedj
  • Rudi Getrouw
  • Leo Wong Loi Sing
  • Jhunry Udenhout
  • Ay Xiang
  • Arend Veninga
Federation of Visual Artists in Suriname

The Federation of Visual Artists in Suriname (FVAS) was founded on October 17, 1998, in Paramaribo, Suriname, South America.

The aim of the FVAS is to enable all stakeholders in the art section to work together for the benefit of all concerned and to promote visual art, both inside and outside of Suriname.  

The FVAS brings together all different individuals and groups who are actively involved in the art world of Suriname: individual artists as well as art promoters, art galleries and all other institutions dealing with art.



The federation’s first members were artists working and living in Suriname. Today, in a world where globalization is a keyword, the FVAS has matured into an organization which includes members who do not necessarily live and work in Suriname at the moment.


Among the members are renowned artists as well as rising stars. In addition, art promoters, art galleries, art writers and other individuals and organizations may apply for special membership.

The wide spectrum of activities shows that the FVAS is an active organization: networking both inside and outside of Suriname, and participating in many projects in the field of visual art.